What is a Monotype?

Monotype Example

Paintings done on Plexi-glass, then pressed and printed onto French/Italian wet paper. Traditionally a first print (identified #1/2) is printed and then a ghost print (#2/2). See BEACH BABY above for example. During subsequent collage or image transfer, works often undergo additional color runs on the press before a one-of-a-kind "Monoprint" is created.

What is a "Remark?"

Monotype Example

Often found near the artist's signature on Monoprint works, a small extra print or design, often used somewhat like a Chinese Chop mark.

While designing a souvenir gift line using vintage US postage stamps, I started fabricating "postal cancellations" for use as my alternate form of the "Remark."

Workshop Facilitator & Fine Artist specializing in 'Correspondence and Memoir' monotype / printmaking.